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How we can help you….

There are many reasons why our customers like us, from our friendly sales team to our competitive pricing. We cater for a wide range of businesses and can offer a solution for many types of client depending on what they are looking for;


we started as a retailer and we still are a strong retailer, expanding our reach in terms of locations and product range. If you have a product for pharmacies/convenience, then please reach out to us. We like to think out of the box, so if it’s not a traditional pharmacy product but is different, then we can consider ranging it.


we trade many popular FMCG, Healthcare and Beauty brands stocked by pharmacists, buying direct from manufacturers and brand owners. We can deliver anywhere in the UK via our logistics partners, we stock many SKU’s in our warehouse and deliver to all types of businesses after a credit check and due diligence checks are carried out. For Pharmaceuticals we only procure or supply medicines to fellow UK WDA-holders, whom go through a strict compliance checks by our regulatory compliance team before any accounts are opened. We adhere to strict GDP standards and pharmaceuticals are stored in a 20,000 sq. Ft. temperature controlled warehouse and supplied via temperature controlled vehicles.


is there a product you need and can’t find or don’t have the time to research the supplier and get them on board with your organisation? The buying team at Metropharm are experienced in finding new product lines and work with a wide variety of manufacturers and brands who are looking to expand their sales and work with exciting new retailers and businesses. From consumers goods for retailers to medical supplies for hospitals we can get you what you need for your business


our management team have experience in the production of OTC’s and FMCG’s for well known brands and manufacturer’s. At Metropharm we have invested in production facilities for tube and tablet filling supply lines. If you are a brand and need new batch production, please contact us. If you are looking to establish a new brand or product then we can help you as well.


with offices in India and in the USA, Metropharm has access to the economic giant that is American retail, and one of the world’s largest, and fastest growing economy’s in India. We can help Western brands expand their reach into a rapidly expanding market place through the importation, warehousing, marketing and sales of any product. Get in contact with us and we will show what we’re doing now, our past success stories and how we can work together.