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Metropharm is a licensed wholesaler of prescription only medicines, general sales list items, pharmacy lines and OTC’s.

Metropharm Ltd was formed in 2016 as a buying group for a chain of well-established independent pharmacies in the South of London and Surrey. Our main aim at inception was to use our collective buying power to reduce the cost of goods, increase product range and hence increase profit through stronger sales and improved supply chain. The management team is made up of experienced pharmacy and business professionals from manufacturing, wholesale, supply chain and retail in the pharmacy industry, so we were confident in delivering results quickly.

Things have gone well, and we have now expanded to into procurement of specialist products for blue chip companies and large retailers, providing new product lines and private label products.

In 2021 Metropharm was officially given a license by the MHRA in the procurement, storage and supply of P’s, POM’s, GSL’s and THMP medicines in the UK only.